Frequently asked questions

What is the flight Itinerary ?

Among the documents that the embassy or consulate of your country of destination in your home country of origin may ask you, for a flight itinerary. 

According to the embassy, this document can be designated by different names:

-Flight itinerary

-Flight itinerary booked
 -Flight itinerary confirmed
-Booking of plane tickets
-Flight itinerary for visa application
 -Flight reservation
 -Flight confirmation -
Dummy Air Ticket for Visa
 -Confirmed flight Reservation -
Round trip Flight Booking

For many, it may sound complicated or even confusing. However, all of the above means only one SAME THING.

Why Do Embassies and Consulates Ask for It?

All foreign missions in your country will not ask you for a flight itinerary, but many will do so. While this may seem insignificant to some, there are very good reasons why embassies require it.
 - As proof that you will not stay too long

- Decide on the duration of the visa

- Decide which embassy you should apply

The main reason that the embassy or consulate of your destination country asks you for proof of booking reservation is that they want to make sure that you will not exceed your visa and return to your home country before it expires . Since the flight itinerary indicates departure and arrival in your home country, this is a convincing document that you will return. This means that you have to book a return flight reservation because otherwise your booking would be meaningless.

How to get Flight Itinerary for any VISA application ?

You can get the flight itinerary in different ways. 
One of them is to get refundable airline tickets, which will be expensive and airlines charged a enormous fees or just buy a flight reservation ( Itinerary for VISA ) that is much cheaper.

How Long the flight Reservation will be valid :

The fact is that most flight bookings last only 72 hours, while a confirmation of visa application can take up to fifteen days.

Therefore, had find a way to keep the flight reservation booked for longer. You can do it in different ways depending on your choice. Keep in mind that you should always book a return flight reservation.

Is the Flight itinerary and Hotel Reservation Can be verified ?

To check the flight Itinerary : Simply find the airline booking code available on the flight booking pdf . Enter this reservation code the airline website and you will see that your booking is valid. You can also verify by call the airlines directly.

For hotel reservation : We advise to call the hotel directly as most hotels do not have an online confirmation system, as airlines, so you need a phone call or you may send an e-mail to them for further confirmation.
For Inurance A signed letter on the insurance visa letter that you received from us is ideal for obtaining a visa.The insurance documents we provide is valid and you can used it on your entire travel period that covers. It fill ups all requirements of the Schengen visa and operates in all Schengen countries and internationally

What is the refund policy for Itinerary for VISA ?

Once you place an itinerary order with us and make the payment, you will receive an email confirmation from us to notify you that we have received your order and payment.
We Provide refund -
- After Placing the order if you want to cancel your order, before we provide you the documents. then you will get full refund.
- For flights and hotels, if your visa refuses due to our itineraries and any reasons only within our services. You need to provide us with a complete rejection letter signed by the embassy authorities.The name of the beneficiary should be reflecting on the letter for processing your refund request. -We can cancel your insurance and the amount of insurance can be returned after deducting the fee of cancellation.

Should I need to call the Airlines or hotel to cancel my Reservations ?

Do not worry, we will take care of the cancellation process for you.